Our firm’s real estate attorneys possess a comprehensive understanding of the entire range of real estate and zoning issues that owners and developers encounter. We handle a wide array of projects from traditional developments and permitting matters to multifaceted review and approval processes that require innovative approaches and solutions. Our attorneys are especially adept at working effectively with local governmental officials and staff as well as individual neighbors and neighborhood associations to achieve positive outcomes for our clients.

For over forty years, We have also served a variety of clients in connection with title insurance needs. Through its title agent, Black & Gold Title, L.L.C. ("B&G"), MRG has issued numerous commercial title insurance policies as an agent for First American Title Insurance Company of Louisiana ("FATIC"). As an agent for FATIC, B&G and MRG have the ability to place owner's and lender's commercial title policies throughout the State of Louisiana. From apartment complexes to industrial parks, and shopping centers to oil refineries, MRG and B&G can handle all of your title insurance needs.

Our experience also extends to all manner of zoning and land use matters, allowing our firm to provide a continuum of services throughout the development process. We assist clients with initial zoning and land use due diligence and analysis, provide strategic advice, and help clients navigate zoning and land use actions including variances, conditional uses, re-zonings, re-subdivisions, and land use hearings before boards of adjustments, planning commissions, and other governmental bodies. When necessary, we provide our clients expert representation in zoning and land use litigation as well. Once our clients are ready to move forward with their projects, our attorneys also provide assistance in obtaining all necessary permits and licenses from building and renovation permits to occupational and alcoholic beverage permits.