With over 40 Years of Experience, you can trust The Middleberg Riddle Group.

The legal environment for today’s business leaders and managers is becoming exceedingly complex. Managing your legal issues is becoming more difficult each day, and the risk for failing to do so is perilous. You should be focused on generating and maintaining a profitable business, rather than constantly worrying about the enormous and ever-changing landscape of legal issues impacting business today.

For over 40 years, the attorneys with the Middleberg Riddle Group (MRG) have provided value added legal solutions to our clients. We measure our performance based not just on our results, but your success. We aspire to be your partner in helping you to be more efficient, cost effective and to get your legal problems administrated with maximum accuracy.

Let us manage the legal side of the world you face. You can then focus on your core business. MRG has a team of highly qualified attorneys and the support staff necessary to cater to a client of any size. We provide efficient services with the best resources at the best value. Our representation will be creative, innovative, and thoroughly planned out, with the flexibility necessary to face any challenges that may arise. Most importantly, the MRG team has a proven track record in the courtroom.

While we cannot define success for each particular client, we have developed and continue to pioneer solutions that assist you in achieving your specific goals. Innovation is a driving force for MRG, and reliability is the constant thread.

Specifically, MRG continually develops and maintains concentrated legal skills and compliance solutions relating to the following business sectors:



Healthcare is a dynamic industry spanning multiple legal areas and subject to numerous ever-changing regulations. Members of our healthcare team can help you navigate the regulatory environment, adapt your business strategies to maximize efficiencies, manage risk, and resolve disputes.


The hospitality industry faces a diverse set of legal challenges and operating margins are often sensitive to social and economic trends. Our attorneys have worked in the hospitality industry for years, and are familiar with all aspects of operations. We have experience acting as outside general counsel for hospitality firms small and large, and in all segments of the industry including hotels, resorts, restaurants, event venues, clubs, meeting & special event planners, and travel services.


Financial Services

The financial crisis – and the Dodd-Frank Act and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that arose therefrom – have brought increased awareness and focus on the laws and regulations surrounding the financial services industry. Consumer financial services have particularly come under increasing scrutiny. Our team has decades of experience representing financial services firms and is on the leading edge of trends in the industry and changes in the regulatory environment at the federal and state level.

Development & Construction

The construction and development industry is subject to complex regulatory environments involving multiple tiers of government. The industry is also inextricably tied to the unique environmental issues, building codes, and neighborhood attitudes of the project location. Project finance can also often be a maze of federal, state, and local incentives. Our dedicated team has decades of experience navigating the financial, regulatory, and public relations aspects of construction and development. In particular, our team has strong relationships with local government in many areas and can assist you with zoning, permitting, and land use issues, as well as commercial closings, project due diligence, and title issues.