Our litigators have successfully resolved numerous complicated class actions for clients.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to defending against a class action. Our lawyers work with our clients early on to assess the case and determine the best strategies to pursue under the circumstances. Should we determine to challenge the claims, Middleberg Riddle has been extremely successful at having putative class claims dismissed on motion, before discovery.

We are well-versed in the unique procedural rules applicable to class and mass tort actions, and know how to use these rules to our clients’ advantage.

The litigation lawyers in our firm regularly defend against class claims alleging violation of state and federal deceptive trade practices acts, unfair competition laws, and other consumer protection statutes, including claims related to false or misleading labeling, and class actions claiming violation of privacy statutes. Companion government investigations are also addressed. We understand a company’s needs and priorities when facing "bet the company" litigation.

We have a successful track record of obtaining class certification denials and other victories during preliminary stages of litigation. While we focus on settlement opportunities and alternative dispute methods, we also stand ready and able to defend the matter through trial and beyond, if applicable.

Our class action defense lawyers have represented Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, mortgage lenders, construction companies, public companies, and private companies in class actions brought under federal and state laws.